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Overseas Projects

Based on world leading technologies in UHV, smart grid and renewable energy, as well as rich experience in large grid construction, operation and management, State Grid has leveraged its advantages in technology, capital, human resources, management and equipment to facilitate policy connectivity through power planning coordination and standard alignment, promote infrastructure connectivity through power infrastructure investment and construction, ensure trade connectivity through international production capacity cooperation, enhance financial connectivity through international capital management and boost people-to-people connectivity through localized operation of overseas projects.

By June 2020, State Grid has successfully invested in and operated backbone energy networks in nine countries and regions, including Brazil, the Philippines, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Greece, Oman, Chile and Hong Kong China, with overseas investments of US$23.2 billion and overseas equity capital of approximately US$65 billion. The company has also been actively developing overseas greenfield power transmission projects. It has won the bids for Belo Monte ±800 kV UHV DC Transmission Project Phase I and Phase II, as well as Teles Pires Transmission Project Phase I and Phase II. State Grid also invested and implemented Matiari-Lahore ±660 kV DC Power Transmission and Transformation Project in Pakistan in the form of BOOT.

As a long-term and stable industry investor, State Grid upholds the concept of sustainable development and adheres to long-run, localized and market-oriented operation. Relying on local management teams, it strengthens technical exchanges and cooperation, actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, promotes local employment and spares no effort to create economic, social and environmental benefit for local communities.

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