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Nanchang-Changsha UHV AC Project to be in Operation Soon

Release time: 2021-12-20        bigmeansmall

Though it's getting cold in Jiangxi and Hunan in December, the construction of the 1000 kV Nanchang-Changsha UHV AC Transmission and Transformation Project continued in full swing. More than a thousand power grid workers were busy with the construction at their respective workspace on the ground, in mid-air, and high above, accompanied by the resonance of machinery, verbal instructions, and the workers' chanting slogans over the construction site. With the efforts of all participants involved in the construction, the project is about to enter the final stage for system commissioning.

The project is not only a key part of the UHV AC ring network in Central China, but also the first of its kind of State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid) in the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025). When completed and put into operation, the project will enable the mutual complementation between the wind and solar power in Northwest China and hydropower in Southwest China, enhance inter-provincial complementarity of the Central China power grid, ensure power supply in the winter-spring season, and contribute to the green and low-carbon development of the economy and society of Jiangxi and Hunan.

1000 kV Changsha Substation

Scientifically Organizing and Implementing Construction

Two UHV AC substations are part of the project, one in Nanchang and the other in Changsha. The workload were arduous in the early stage of the project with large volume of excavation and filling. "The construction period is very tight due to unfavorable factors such as repeated COVID-19 outbreaks, local rainy days, and congestion in material transportation," said Luo Benbi, Executive Deputy Project Manager of the owner's project department of Nanchang Substation.

At the construction sites of Nanchang and Changsha substations, all parties involved in the construction implemented effective progress control and concentrated superior resources on the frontline construction while ensuring safety and quality. In accordance with the standardized management manual, the project site department implemented total-factor, full-process, and all-aspect lean management, coordinated and managed the five production factors of human resources, machinery, materials, rules, and environment. During the peak period of electrical installation, lift trucks for aloft operation were used on site to help avoid possible safety hazards arising from intersection of work surfaces. "We have established on site a complete safety system that ensures site safety through real-time online intelligent control. Thus we can monitor in real time the staff from their entry into to departure from the site, the arrival and installation of electrical equipment and materials at the site, and operations of machinery on site," said Luo Benbi.

In Changsha Substation, the project department of package B - civil works set up a "smart site" platform based on the integrated whole-process digital management platform for infrastructure construction, which helps to monitor the site conditions around the clock. With the "smart site" platform, the project department identified and eliminated 12 hidden dangers in environmental protection, water conservation, safety and quality control, saving CNY100,000 that would have been spent to purchase testing equipment.

1000 kV Nanchang Substation

Spanning 2×344 kilometers with 975 new towers, the project passes through nine counties (districts) in four cities of the two provinces. It encountered along the route many complex terrains including swamps, mountains, mining areas, and water source protection areas, and multiple complex over-crossings including railways, highways and rivers, which multiplied the difficulty in construction. To ensure construction safety, the derricks and mobile cranes were used in assembling and setting up towers, aided with rotary drilling rigs and visualized automatic erect & return systems to carry out flow-line operation. "When setting up the steel tower sets, we use a ground-mounted single-arm smart balance torque bar. Additionally, in order to avoid safety risks caused by human error and improve construction efficiency, the installation of tower materials and the operation of construction staff were all-round monitored via video," said Wu Wuqing, a staff member of the owner's transmission line project department of State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power.

Strengthening Environmental Protection and Water Conservation for Cleaner Water and Sky

There are still small amount of sand and gravel materials delivered to site at the final stage of civil works for Changsha substation in early November. The project team for civil works used colored strips to pave the road on which the transport vehicles were driving. The leftover sand and gravel were collected immediately after construction. At the electrical installation stage, the project team planted vegetation in advance on sites ready for handing-over for installation, so as to create a green barrier for reducing the impact of construction work on the ecological environment. "Managing on-site environmental protection and water conservation is similar to quality control in a factory's line production, as each process may affect the final product," said Zhang Zhuomin, a specialist of the owner's project department for Changsha Substation, "All parties involved in the construction strictly implemented the environmental protection and water conservation requirements in their respective work sites to ensure a complete control chain."

State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power conducted line-walk inspection for defects elimination at the Ganjiang River over-crossing of the project.

Nanchang Substation also attached great importance to environmental protection and water conservation. State Grid UHV Engineering Construction Company carried out careful planning in order to achieve the goal of building an environmentally friendly demonstration station in terms of environmental protection and water conservation. "With a view to local natural environment and climate of the project, we broke down the overall goal into specific indicators as ‘4 Nos', ‘3 Zeros', and ‘5 One Hundred Percents', analyzed the 18 factors and took targeted measures for environmental protection and water conservation, and carried out special training at different levels. We implemented the process inspection and provided guidance focusing on the key indicators aiming at the ‘3 Zeros' goal, i.e., zero dumping of surplus soil, zero discharge of waste water, and zero pollution by waste. The environmental protection facilities and the major works have been designed, built, and put into operation simultaneously," said Wang Guanyi, a specialist of the information and environmental protection department,

"Thanks to these facilities, we have been able to create a green and environmentally friendly demonstration site. Excessive dust and noise had been chronic issues for site management in the past. But now we achieved lean management by using information technology (IT) to carry out intelligent monitoring and data analysis of environmental protection and water conservation," said Zhang Fei, Deputy Project Manager for civil works of Nanchang Substation, pointing to the online parameter measurement device for water and soil conservation installed on site. The device, a UHV integrated digital control platform developed by the owner's project department based on the building information model, solved the problems of time-consuming, labor intensiveness, low accuracy, and vulnerability to slope instability characterizing the traditional manual monitoring. It reduced monitoring costs and improved the scientificity, continuity, reliability and versatility of monitoring data.

The sections for Lot 4 and Lot 5 of the project are respectively located in Yifeng and Wanzai in Jiangxi Province, running through complex terrains and dense vegetation, with 96% of towers located in woodland, which makes water and soil conservation a more challenging issue. State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power took appropriate measures for different types of temporary land occupation. In Yifeng, where the project route spans a large area of pine forests, the company increased the height of the towers and cut down trees only within the limit for tower construction to reduce vegetation damage and preserve trees on hillsides and in valleys to the maximum extent; more than 40 freight ropeways were erected on site for transportation of tower materials to reduce tree felling and vegetation damage; and during the conductor unrolling operation, the company scientifically planned the layout of the pulling and stretching yard, set up temporary boundaries to mark out the construction area, and laid steel plates to reduce disturbance to the original surface and protect the original landform as much as possible.

Carry Forward the "Iron Army" Spirit and Demonstrate Responsibility

At the construction site of the project, in order to meet the deadline, the grid builders voluntarily gave up their time of rest to solve problems at the project level, reach consensus at the team level, and implement quality work at the operation level.

Since the civil works started on March 9 at Changsha Substation, it had been raining in the local area. Especially in May, six rounds of heavy rainfall hit the area, filled the foundation pits, made roads muddy, and consequently caused great difficulties to the progress of the project. To deal with such problems, the project department came up with a strategy of "do more during light rain, do skillfully during heavy rain, and do overtime during dry days". By setting up large rain shelters and laying hard boards on roads at key operation sites, the driving of construction vehicles in and out muddy sites was secured as normal, and construction could continue despite rains.

Transmission Lines of Nanchang-Changsha UHV AC Project

"After the Spring Festival, I haven’t been back home much since I came to the project site on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year," said Xu Yongling, Project Manager for electrical works of Nanchang Substation. While Yu Xiao of the civil works department, had returned to work on the project immediately after the rehabilitation period after undergoing thyroid surgery over ten months ago.

The long sunny and hot days this summer was invaluable for the construction, but it challenged the physical strength and perseverance of the construction staff. The Nanchang 1000kV Substation had more than 6,000 built-in or embedded parts, 6 to 8 times more than that of a regular 500 kV substation. Liu Fuyu, deputy inspector for civil works, spent his days on site, cross-checking the axis, flatness, and elevation of each embedded parts. "The weather was really hot and we sweated a lot. We had to change our work clothes at least three times a day," exclaimed Liu Fuyu.

"It's too hot. There was one time when I was climbing a mountain in a hurry to get to a tower setup site, I suddenly felt tight in my chest. In a short while I had a blackout and collapsed. My colleagues hurriedly helped me to a shade. Only after some cooling measures did I feel better," recalled Guo Yong, a specialist of the owner's project management for the Jiangxi section of the project.

With round-the-clock work of grid builders, the Project is about to be fully completed to achieve the goal of putting it into operation for power transmission by the end of this year. By then it will support and ensure power supply for the winter-spring season.

Sources: Department of Public Relations, relevant affiliates, State Grid News

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